About Ocki

I have always been committed to the design in art and to the craft in design

My original tertiary training was through a Bachelor of Fine Arts  with a major in 3D Design

This was followed by an Australian Crafts Council grant to study fine furniture making in the UK

After working overseas for some years I came back to Australia and  have been custom designing and building since the late 1980's, trading under Kaos Design Pty Ltd. The work has been a mix of private and corporate commissions, including a number of shop designs, ie Two Faces, Eye Works and Olivers people. 

Three years ago l began to look for a new concept that would compliment my skills base and keep the production in my workshop

With a great deal of experience as both a designer and a craftsmen l wanted to use this experience to create a meaningful product range that had a flavour of being "local". It had to be original, beautifully made, environmentally responsible and so eco friendly, functional ,economically viable , made here rather than made offshore and  somehow connect to my own cultural experience, (not much to ask aye!).

Well the long and the short of it is that out of my search OCKI emerged as this cute little off beat Aussie character. He's the trademark for this product range and Melbournes neglected and trashed, old hardwood fences are one of my resources, (they presently  go into land fill or are made into mulch).

First off the ramp is the OCKI bowl,(see VIc Premiers Design Awards 2013 entry in product design). Its been quite difficult to resolve as a self  assembly structure but are there now and looking forward to getting it out into the market place. For the traveller it comes in a corrugated cardboard envelope to make taking a memory of one of Melbournes Streets home with them, a breeze.

In the middle of 2016 i moved to Red Hill outside Melbourne and are in the process of building a new workshop 



Contact Craig Dorrington /  craigatkaos@gmail.com

                                               mobile 0414631995




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